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How To Stop Being Afraid Of Failure?

I think I sound familiar when I say that we are all afraid of failure at some point. But is there a way to stop being afraid?

I think so, and the way is to change how you view failures. Failures are nothing but results that didn’t go as you planned. Let me share how, knowing this, you cannot fail!

There is no such thing as failures, only results

I really mean it! Failure is just a word put on top of an event. Usually, an event that did not go as planned. A failure is actually a result: we acted a certain way, and we obtained a certain result. This result doesn’t suit you? Great! You just have to change your actions! The only way you can fail, is if you quit.

president abraham lincoln
Abraham Lincoln, who faced many failures before becoming President.

These results are valuable learning experiences

If you want success, “failures” are necessary. We need them to learn! Have you ever seen a baby walking 2 days after being born? And have you ever seen a baby quitting because the first step led to a fall? I bet you have not! And it is because failing is part of the process, you have to be bad at something before becoming good. This is how you gain experience.

Think about one lesson from your life!

Let me prove my point a bit more. Think about one lesson from your life. Chances are that it comes from a time that you consider as a “bad time”. For example, I learned that I should always carry jump leads in my car, after spending one night trapped in an underground parking lot! Definitely not an enjoyable night!

We should seek “failures”, and grow through it

So my point is, if we want to accomplish whatever we dream of, we will certainly have to face failures. So instead of fear it, why not embrace it? Looking for it? Failures are as important as successes. You can see them as events, obstacles. And what do you with obstacles? You jump over it, and you reach higher grounds!

Make a list everyday

Okay, still not convinced? Here is a little tip that you can use in order to replace your “failures” by victories. Every night, take a piece of paper, draw two columns, and list every success of the day, and every failure of the day. Then imagine how you would like to handle the failed situation next time, so that it becomes a success! You’ll see that the list of failures will magically reduce over time 🙂

failure success list
An example of a failure/success list

Go out and try!

To really show you that failure is just in our head, I encourage you to go out and try! Try to fail on purpose! Go to a restaurant and order something not on the menu, or ask to trade parking spots with someone! You will be surprised! Come back and tell me what happened 🙂

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