Change Reality With The Reticular Activating System

Change Reality With The Reticular Activating System

We often think life happens to us, and that our perception is our reality. That it’s just the way it is. But let me show you that what you perceive as the reality is actually your version of it, it’s very subjective.

This is called the law of attraction (more spiritual), or the RAS: reticular activating system (more scientific). It simply means that we get what we focus on. The good news is then that you can bend reality.

1. The RAS is our brain filter

The RAS is like a filter, our brain will select only a few information from the outside world, because otherwise there would be too much to analyze. Our brain shows us what we decide to focus on. But an example is much better than words to understand it. Watch the short video below!

Whether you already knew the video or just discovered it, it’s a clear example of how our brain notices what we focus on. And it works with everything. It’s the same when you discover a new car model and start noticing it everywhere!

 The good news is that you can choose what to focus on, and then change the reality with the reticular activating system!

2. We too often focus on the negative

Let’s face it, most of the time, we tend to focus on negative things. Have you ever noticed how we choose to focus on “bad” things? When I was a kid, I would have let’s say 9 good grades and 1 bad grade, but do you think I chose to focus on the 9? No, I focused on the one that was bad. Sounds silly right? But we all do it.

The problem with this is that we just saw that we get what we focus on. So the more I focus on the bad grade, the more I will be obsessed with it, and the bigger the chances are that I will get another one. It’s the same with all our problems. If you focus on the problem, you will get more of the problem.That’s why Mother Teresa was not against the war, but she was for peace.

3. Focus on what you want instead

You get what you focus on. So even if you focus on what you don’t want, you will get it. You have to tell your brain what you want! Do not focus on the fact you’re not rich, focus on how it would feel to have more money. Ask yourself how you can earn more.

So, for any problem you have, try to catch yourself every time you’re focused on the negative. Again, it’s a process, it’s practice. You can read my article on positive affirmations, to shift your focus from the problem to the solution. And it’s really working, I’m using it every day! For instance, since I started to write articles, I now notice all kind of topics I could write about, without having to think that much about it.

Let me give you another example. Let’s say someone annoys you. You probably know the feeling when even the most innocent joke annoys you? Maybe it became physical, you just can’t stand this person. That’s because of the RAS. You’re filtering this person’s actions to select only the behaviors that are annoying. So that your brain can find evidence of what you’re looking for. You are then reinforcing the belief that this person is annoying, you have proof! So Instead of focusing on everything he or she did to annoy you, try no notice the nice things about this person.

4. Just practice!

You have the power, the power to decide what to focus on. This is the only thing that no one else or nothing else has control over. YOU get to decide. You can change reality with the reticular activating system. No matter what happens, you get to choose what to focus on.

So go ahead and focus on the positive side. Every morning when you wake up, why not focus on the fact that we’re alive and breathing? Instead of immediately starting the day by thinking about all our problems!

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