main causes of depression

Main Causes Of Depression

Do you know what are the main causes of depression? Why is it that in today’s world, where we have everything to be happy, more and more people are feeling depressed?

The mainstream answer to this is that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. That’s why drugs and antidepressants are mainly prescribed. For a lot of people, it’s great at first, but then, the pain starts to come back. The doses need to go up, and soon, people are both depressed and medicated.

Depression has actually multiple causes, and is more due to an imbalanced way of life. It’s not only biology. So when drugs are not enough, we have to dig deeper and offer more solutions.

In this video, I’m sharing what I’ve learned from Marisa Peer (therapist) and Johann Hari (ex depressed), along with what I’ve learned from my own periods when I felt down.

You will discover that depressed people are not broken, not crazy or weak, and that it’s all to do with unmet needs and behaviors.

Check out my last video below if you want to know the main causes of depression and how to act right away to overcome it!

Thank you for watching!

main causes of depression

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