start a new creative project and keep motivation

How To Start A New Creative Project And Keep Motivation

This video is for people who usually start a new project, personal or creative, with high enthusiasm and motivation, but end up feeling bored and eventually just want to quit.

If you feel like you’re constantly feeling like there is a better project to be done, which seems more interesting, more meaningful, then you might struggle to finish any long term project.

You might even start to think that you’re lazy, that something’s wrong with you, that you have no willpower and motivation.

But that’s not true! There is actually a reason, and this reason is that you function with meaning, passion and energy. You then have difficulties to carry on when the initial motivation fades away.

But there are ways to stay motivated. So if you want to finish a project that you care about, if you want to stop switching direction every 3 months, watch my last video below as I share with you my experience. Indeed I experienced this with my Youtube channel. I was very motivated at first, but almost quit this week.

So if you’re one of us, if you function with meaning and passion, you need to check out this video where I discuss how such people can stay motivated, by being true to their values.

Thank you for watching! Enjoy 🙂

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