How To Know Your Personality Type

Mbti: How To Know Your Personality Type For Sure

Maybe you’re interested in knowing your personality type, but you wonder how to determine it for sure?

Because honestly, it can be quite difficult and overwhelming with all the resources online. Some of them are contradictory, maybe you even see yourself in different profiles, even though you’re supposed to match with only one.

On top of that, personality tests are not 100% accurate, so it’s easy to feel lost and frustrated.

That’s why in this video I share all the research I’ve been doing, the best MBTI tests I’ve found, the most accurate, and also the best websites I’ve found which describe the different types very accurately. Because it’s not only about behaviors, it’s about how our mind is wired and how it functions.

When you find the right profile, it should resonate with you and feel like you’re reading the story of your life. In my last video, I share my experience with this process, and if you’re interested, you have access to the best resources and content I’ve found, in my opinion.

You’ll be able to find out your real personality type, and thus access your weaknesses and strength, and concentrate on precise aspects of your growth and development.

Enjoy the video, thanks for watching!

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