signs you're an infp

18 Signs You’re An INFP (from an INFP)

Are you sure you are an INFP? You’ve read different profiles but you’re still unsure? On one hand it seems pretty spot on, but there are still some traits that don’t seem like you?

It’s confusing. In this video I’m sharing 18 Signs that you are an INFP. I’ve done a lot of research and I sum up the obvious and commons signs but also the common struggles that INFPs encounter when it comes to typing themselves.

Stuff like you’re supposed to be creative but you’re not creative, you’re supposed to like people but you hate small talk, you believe you’re more a thinking type…

I cover all that in my last video, and hopefully it will clarify your situation and you will relate to the journey!

Enjoy and thanks for watching 🙂

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