About Me

Hi! Michael here. Welcome to my personal site! I appreciate you stopping by to learn more about me.

  • Primary residence: I currently live in the south of France.
  • My audience: Anyone who is interested in living a better life and achieve financial and time freedom.
  • My hobbies: climbing / motorcycle / reading / cinema / computer science / video games
  • My interests: personal development / finances / cars / health / sport / travel / nature / technologies
  • My top values: Love / Family / Growth / Integrity / Share

My background & my realization

As I guess many people did, I did what it took to “have a good and safe job”. Right after high school, I carried on with studies because that is “what we are supposed to do”… After 5 years, I graduated as a mechanical engineer, which I quite enjoyed, but it was not my true passion. I didn’t know it yet but something was wrong for me.

So 3 months after graduating, I found my first job, then I found another job, with a better situation, and I am not complaining, I did not have any financial issues. I bought my first motorcycle, I bought my first powerful PC, and I was in the professional life! But after 3 years of work, I was starting to realize that I was not fulfilled at all.

I had money in my bank account, I had savings, but my life felt empty. I was waking up every morning, not wanting to go to work. Indeed, I was working in an Oil & Gas company, so not very environmentally friendly, my boss was an awful man, mean, almost bipolar, not grateful at all (the kind of guy yelling at you for being 3 minutes late), some colleagues had to beg him to have a day off. Besides my job, I had very little energy to go out, socialize, and do things that I enjoyed and that matter to me!

Then I realized that if I carried on, in 5 years or so, I would be miserable, unhappy, and all dedicated to a job that I don’t even care about. I was starting to be afraid to ruin my life and not accomplish anything. I couldn’t stand anymore to drift without purpose through my own existence! So along with a colleague of mine, we decided to quit our job (I know that to this day, people are still quitting regularly this company!), and take a big break in our lives: we went traveling for one year in New Zealand!

It was a wonderful year, which showed me that there is more to life than just work for something you don’t care, and my taste for freedom was definitely there!

The Shift

So when  I came back in France, it was impossible to go back to a 9 to 5 job, working for someone else, not having time for myself, for my happiness, and patiently waiting for my retirement to finally enjoy life. I then started to look for solutions online, but I didn’t even know what to look for! I started with “How to find your life purpose” or “How to earn your living and have time” (yeah I was pretty desperate!), and a few months went by, I didn’t know where I was going, but I was searching.

The first breakthrough was when I stumbled upon the book “Rich dad poor dad”, it changed everything for me and I wish I was taught this at school! The author teaches you how to make the money work for you instead of working for the money. From that moment, I was looking for ways to achieve financial freedom, so that I can have money and more free time!

I decided to take responsibility for my life, but something was missing, and it was meaning. Indeed, if I had all the money and time I want, then what would I do? What would be my life mission? At that time, I knew that life’s purpose was to find love and happiness, but I thought it had to be separated from your job. And then, I discovered something.

I was watching personal development videos on YouTube, and an ad popped up. It was about a guy saying he couldn’t believe so many people were still working in traditional 9 to 5 jobs, that there are alternatives that allow you to live from your passion, and to have financial, time and geographical freedom! Something clicked with this ad, it was not like the other kind of ads that we see everywhere, like “get rich in two weeks”. I could feel the authenticity, and I was definitely hooked! He offered me a free video series introducing me to a new community, and that was one of the biggest breakthroughs of my life.

My life now

Now don’t get me wrong, it was not a video teaching how to be the next Bill gates in 1hour! But it has introduced me to a whole new level of possibilities and started me on a new journey. Thanks to it, I found an online education company, a wonderful community, support, and a business opportunity.

Now my beliefs have completely changed, I believe that we can all have the life we want, and for me, it is achieving financial, time and geographical freedom, doing something meaningful and that I love. I found my purpose in life, I am waking every morning happy to do what I do, I have goals to work towards, and I want to spread this message as wide as possible! It is so fulfilling for me to help people that feel trapped, to build and create their own dream life, like I’m doing right now.

Now, this won’t interest everybody, but if you’re willing to improve your life, center it around your passions, and have more time and freedom, you will definitely want to check it out. I am offering you the very same videos that got me started on this journey. I hope you will get as much as I got, and do not hesitate if you feel the need to contact me to discuss it! I will be more than glad to guide you through this new journey!